A Word About Drug Therapy

We are, for the most part, an overly medicated people.  I treat a diversity of people with different problems. I come across people all the time who have been treated with all kinds of drugs for those identified pathologies. I find that most of this drug therapy is not needed and ultimately dangerous and destructive. I am particularly aware of the over use of drug therapy with young people.  I think this is terribly irresponsible.  I have seen people given diagnosis after diagnosis and medication after medication and if they aren't helped another diagnosis is given.  It amounts to little more than guesswork. We are ruining our young people and ourselves.  There are alternatives and my therapy is one.  Intensive interpersonal psychotherapy is far more effective and completely organic and safe.  All the drugs you need are already in you and can be brought out by changing behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. If you are being encouraged by a doctor or a therapist to begin a particular regimen of drug therapy please think twice.  You don't need drugs. You don't (or your child doesn't) have a chemical imbalance.  That is at best a myth and you don't need a drug to treat it. There is a more helpful and healthy way to go. Please call me before you start yourself or a child on any drug therapy.

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