In The Work Place

"Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

For employers....

Productivity in any business depends on the ability of many different and diverse people to work together. Inevitably though, because we are human, there will be problems and conflicts that inhibit progress. When these problems are ignored they seldom get better and employees suffer as does the work of the organization. The savvy employer will be proactive in solving problems between employees and between managers and employees. Every conflict that is not dealt with will impede progress and undermine the ability of every employee. Such conflict almost alwasy leads to disruption and harmony.

Dr. Ives has trained with Dr. Edwin Friedman who spent a life time looking at and working with "emotional" systems. Dr. Ives offers a full inventory of a business system to identify the problem areas that need to be addressed to keep your business moving forward. He is also equipped to work with individual employess already identified as troubled or problematic. Every work place can work better if the proper attention is given to it.

For employees....

If you are an employee wortking for a very difficult manager there are ways to productively manage your manager. You need not quit or act out. You can get ahead and acheive your goals even though you are having trouble with your supervisor or other employees. If you ignore it there are only two things that can happen. You will remain stuck in a deadend job or you will quit. Neither is productive. It is well worth your time and effort to find a way to work beyond your present limitations no matter what they may be.

You need not settle for a dead end when there is a new beginning just waiting to dawn.

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