Suicide Prevention

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” ― Seneca If you are having thoughts of suicide or you know someone who is it is time to do something. The unconscious can not send a clearer signal that repair is needed. To contemplate the end of life is to cry out for exploration. Like all thoughts and impulses it comes from a place in the psyche that wants to be well and healed but sometimes death seems to be the only choice. Courage tells us that there is a future and that there are better days ahead if a person chooses. The trouble is that the choice can seem impossible. The first step is the choice to be curious about these thoughts and this impulse and see where they come form and where they can lead. If we can be open and honest about the reality of these feelings much can be accomplished. If you or a loved one has contemplated suicide you do not need medication you need to embark on an intensive course of therapy that will address and transform these thoughts and impulses. I have had very good results with this approach. Please do not wait, call asap.

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